Koh Samui Weddings

With its turquoise water and white-sand coastline, Koh Samui is one of the most beautiful places in the world to have a wedding.

Villa Weddings in Koh Samui

When it comes to Thailand, a wedding in a Koh Samui villa can offer advantages over a Phuket villa wedding with more beachfront locations and cheaper prices. The best wedding villas in Koh Samui  have large outdoor areas with tropical landscaped gardens, designer interiors and can easily accommodate a wedding ceremony and reception. While many resort chains offer wedding packages they are not necessarily cheaper and are limited by the rules of the resort complex and the suppliers they use. Choosing a villa over a resort allows maximum flexibility with resort-style luxury and service plus privacy for you and your guests. There are less expensive but still impressive villas away from the beach which can also provide a wonderful setting for the ceremony, reception and accommodation for friends and family.

Wedding Ceremony

A Thai wedding ceremony in the morning and a western ceremony at sunset is a great way to include the local culture into your big day. Incorporating some elements of a Thai wedding can make your wedding a unique and memorable event for guests. A Thai wedding day starts early with monks chanting blessing and prayers for the couple, who in return, give the monks a feast. At the ceremony, water blessed by monks at the local temple is poured in a decorative bowl and scooped out with a conch shell to be spilt over the couple’s palms as they are seated at a small table with their hands held together on a cushion. The water pouring ceremony is performed by the couple’s parents and then the guests. Flower leis are also placed on the couple’s heads and tied together as a symbol of their joining. Another element of a Thai wedding which provides wonderful entertainment for guests is the blessing dance by Traditional Thai dancers which is performed at the end of the ceremony.

Wedding Planner

Villalet staff can offer some useful tips on getting married in Koh Samui as well as help choose the best villa for your wedding needs. Hiring a wedding planner is also worth considering. Speaking the local language and knowing the right kinds of suppliers, a local wedding planner is experienced at servicing the needs and tastes of western couples and can make your wedding planning an effortless experience.

Legal Requirements

Getting legally married in Thailand can be complicated which is why many couples choose to marry in their home country and have a non-legal marriage in Koh Samui. However if you are keen to make it legal in Thailand the process involves travelling to Bangkok first to lodge a letter of intent in person at the consulate or embassy of your home country. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to be finalised depending on the embassy. The letter of intent must be notarised and translated. The minimum documents required for this are a statutory declaration signed by your home country consul in Bangkok, birth certificates, divorce and death certificates if there were previous marriages, and passports, although some embassies may require different or more documents. There are plenty of services that will do the legwork for you in Bangkok or you can do it yourself but expect some language challenges and running around to multiple government buildings.

Consulate Information

A list of consulates for legal marriage in Thailand are:

Australian – thailand.embassy.gov.au

British – www.gov.uk/world/organisations/british-embassy-bangkok

American – th.usembassy.gov

Swiss – www.eda.admin.ch/bangkok

Sweden – www.swedenabroad.se

Norway – www.norway.no/en/thailand

Here are some stunning beachfront wedding villa suggestions in Koh Samui:

Villa 1 Baan Tawantok
Sleeps: 12
Price: from US$1009 per night
Location: Lipa Noi, Koh Samui
See the listing for Villa Baan Tawantok

Smujana Villa
Sleeps: 14
Price: from US$2589 per night
Location: Ban Plai Iam – north eastern cost of Koh Samui
See all the details for Smujana Villa

Villa Sila Miskawaan
Sleeps: 14
Price: from US$2531 per night
Location: Mae Nam Beach, Koh Samui
See more details for Villa Sila Miskawaan

Villa Inasia
Sleeps: 16
Price: from US$2354 per night
Location: Lipa Noi Beach, Koh Samui
See all the details for Villa Inasia

Villa Ban Mekkala
Sleeps: 12
Price: from US$1555 per night
Location: Laem Set, Koh Samui
See all the great pictures and features of Villa Ban Mekkala

Villa Acacia Miskawaan
Sleeps: 8
Price: from US$1471 per night
Location: Maenam, Koh Samui
See all the great pictures and features of Villa Acacia Miskawaan

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