Weather in Phuket

Phuket in Thailand is an all-year-round tropical holiday destination where there is only two seasons of weather – monsoon and dry. The hottest months are from April to May and September to October. But the latter months are also when the southwest monsoon hits and therefore the wettest time of year. The most popular time to go is during the cooler northeast monsoon season which is from December to March when humidity is lowest and cool breezes arrive- although prices of flights and villa accommodation will match demand. Locals are more likely to travel from June to August before the wettest months; when the weather is fine and crowds are low.

Phuket in January

January is one of the most popular times to go to Phuket when rainfall is at low 50mm average, skies are clear and temperatures range between 23C and 31C. Humidity is a high 90% although it drops dramatically in the evenings to around 58%. Villa accommodation and flight costs are the most expensive in January as it’s the peak of high season.

Phuket in February

February in Phuket is only slightly less busy than January. Temperatures range between 23C and 32c. Humidity is at 90% and drops to 56% at night. Chinese New Year celebrations are held in this month which generally results in some great fireworks. Last-minute discounts for February are more achievable than January but if you are inflexible with your times book early because it’s still regarded as high season in Phuket.

Phuket in March

March in Phuket is still high season although the crowds are slightly lower. Rainfall is lower and temperatures range between 24C and 33C with humidity at 92% and falling to 58% at night. The average temperatures are warmer than February and more last-minute discounts are available than February.

Phuket in April

Thailand’s new year occurs in April and is celebrated with the Songkran festival. The celebrations include throwing water on each other, which Western tourists can find particularly enjoyable as temperatures are 25C to 33C. Humidity is still at 94% and is more humid at night at 65% than the first three months of the year. The Songkran water festival lasts for a week and often coincides with high rainfall closer to the end of the month. April is end of high season but there is usually a surge in tourists for the water festival so if you are looking for cheaper accommodation and flights avoid this festival. Rainfall averages 274mm for the month of April.

Phuket in May

Don’t be fooled by lower temperatures in May, humidity is higher at 93% so it won’t feel any cooler. Average temperatures are between 25C and 31C and humidity only drops to a sticky 73% at night. The weather is likely to get wetter later in the month with average rainfall at 348mm. It’s low season and cheaper prices won’t be hard to find with many villas offering heavy discounts.

Phuket in June

Monsoon is in full swing in June although this month is not the heaviest for rainfall for the season. Many visitors prefer June because temperature and humidity are lower and there is usually still plenty of sunny, clear days. The crowds are gone at this time of year so it’s easier to get around and the busier party towns like Patong are more relaxed. Expect lower prices for flights and accommodation in the low season of June. Temperatures range between 26C and 31C and humidity is at 88%, falling to 74% at night. Rainfall averages 213mm for the month; lower than both May and July.

Phuket in July

July has more rain than June but there will still be plenty of sunny days. It may rain every day, although thundery storms are usually shortlived and give way to clear skies. Temperatures range from 25C to 31C and humidity is 89%, down to 75% at night. Chance of rainfall is 54% and a 66% chance of a cloudy day. Rainfall averages 264mm for the month.

Phuket in August

From August to October, airfares reach the lowest level for the year and villa accommodation follows suit. Temperatures range between 26C and 30C with humidity at 86%, down to 74% at night. Rainfall averages 261mm and this month is the last before the monsoon sets-in and rain is plentiful and humidity remains high.

Phuket in September

September is the low of the low season when rainfall is highest at 419mm and tourist numbers drop off. Despite the rain you’ll find the weather warm and enough sunny days to work on your tan. Temperatures are a milder 24C to 29C but humidity is 91%and reaches a steamy low of 78% a night. It’s worth noting that this month is characterised by more sudden storms that mean activities like diving are hard to plan.

Phuket in October

Rainfall in October is lower than September at 304mm while temperatures are between 24C and 30C. Prices for villa accommodation and flights are still low and with weather improving towards the end of October, this month offers great value for Phuket.

Phuket in November

Despite November being regarded as high season in terms of prices for flights and villa costs, rainfall is still high at 208mm and it’s therefore better to plan your holiday later in the month. The price hike in November also sees more crowds, but it’s still relatively quiet compared to the peak of high season in Christmas and January. Temperatures are between 24C and 30C and humidity is 93% down to 72% at night.

Phuket in December

The rain has gone away by December with average rainfall for the month at just 51mm. You may still see the occasional light shower but heavy thunder storms are rare. Thailand will celebrate Christmas, at least in the commercial sense. And New years Eve is usually celebrated with an impressive fireworks show in Patong Beach.

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