Beach Weddings Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers some of the most undeveloped and unspoilt coastline in Asia along with world-class villas and multiple world heritage sites to make your wedding holiday the perfect combination of beauty, luxury and culture.

Villa Wedding in Sri Lanka

A villa wedding in Sri Lanka will give you the chance to enjoy stunning surroundings with absolute beachfront for the ceremony, a luxury setting for the reception, and an exquisite honeymoon location, all rolled into one. A ceremony in the grounds of a villa is the ideal place to enjoy luxury and privacy. Unlike a package resort wedding, a villa event can be bespoke with every detail determined by you and not by the constraints of a large holiday complex. And superior to many other Asian beach destinations, Sri Lanka has large undeveloped tracts of coastline that can offer a secluded beach-ceremony location. The ceremony, reception and honeymoon can be booked in the same location – an architecturally designed modern villa or a grand historic European-style villa; a bygone of Sri Lanka’s colonial rule. Ask our helpful Villalet staff for an array of possible wedding villa options or see a sample of recommended wedding villas below.


Wedding Ceremony

Any religious faith can be accommodated in the wedding ceremony including Christian and there are some lovely Christian churches on the island from the British and Dutch colonial days. Celebrant ceremonies are also available. Couples can even opt for a traditional Sri Lankan Poruwa Buddhist ceremony which involves local Kandyan dancers, drummers, singers and the exit of bride and groom riding on elephants. Many couples plan a wedding and incorporate elements of both Western and Sri Lankan traditions, giving guests an a unique and unforgettable event.


Wedding Planners

Villalet staff can offer tips on getting married in Sri Lanka and also find nearby accommodation for family and friends. It may also be helpful to hire a wedding planner who can assist with more detailed aspects of your wedding including legals, decoration, entertainment and catering. They have the advantage of speaking the local  language and can secure better prices through their network of contacts.


Legal Process

Before you travel to Sri Lanka for your wedding you will need to assemble a number of official documents. Copies are required to be sent some weeks prior to the wedding and then the originals need to be presented when you register for marriage after you have arrived in Sri Lanka. The list of documents includes a birth certificate, and valid passport, an affidavit confirming marital status of bride and groom prior to the wedding, should be signed by a solicitor with company stamp. If either party to the marriage is divorced, a Decree Absolute proving the lawful termination of the previous marriage must be presented prior to the wedding ceremony. If widowed, the Death Certificate of former spouse of the previous marriage needs to be supplied. If names have been changed prior to the wedding, legal proof of change of name is required. Details of the names, addresses and occupations of the couple to be married, as well as of parents’ names, occupations and addresses will also be required.


Marriage Certificates

The Registrar of Marriages will provide an official marriage certificate in the local Singhalese language. The marriage certificate must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A certified duplicate copy in the English language is available at an extra charge. The duplicate copy should take between 1 to 2 days to be prepared. Depending on weekends and religious holidays it may take up to a week. Foreign Ministry Certified Translations are also available. This will require the couple to visit the required Ministry in Colombo.


Timing your wedding

Marriages can not be registered on certain public holidays so it’s best to check your proposed wedding dates before booking. It is also important to note that there is a long lead time from your arrival in the country and processing time with Sri Lankan authorities. Allow 18 days before the ceremony which includes the couple spending a mandatory minimum of four days in the country before visiting the Marriage Registrar’s Office. It then takes 14 days between the first visit to the Marriage Registrar’s Office and when the actual marriage registration is finalised.

For more information visit the Sri Lanka government information site.

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