Villalet’s Top 3 Seminyak Restaurants

When you eventually decide to explore the world outside your exquisite villa there are three restaurants we think you should not miss.

Outside your villa, in the side streets of Seminyak as well as along the beach, you will find dozens of wonderful places to eat, including world class European cuisines. But who travels to find the familiar? We travel to discover new experiences and new flavours. So our top three Seminyak restaurants will expand your horizons. They all feature beautiful local dishes served in stunning spaces.


Merah Putih


Merah Putih’s architecture integrates elements of Indonesian culture with advanced materials to achieve a breathtaking, yet sustainable design. The high, membrane roof drains into translucent columns that capture rainwater and channel it through UV purifiers and filters before it enters the restaurants storage tanks. This means Merah Putih draws no precious groundwater reserves.
The menu is separated into two sections that offer different views of Indonesian culture through its cuisine.
The traditional section features unpretentious, simple cooking procedures used in the villages dotting Bali’s mountains and beaches. All the dishes feature specially sourced, locally produced ingredients and the very best aromatic spices grown on the island.
In the ‘baru’ or modern section Merah Putin’s chefs start with traditional Indonesian ingredients and let their imaginations run wild. Using modern techniques at home in any world class restaurant, every night they create a possible future for the local cuisine.
Make a booking at Merah Putih: +62 361 846 5950


Republik 45

Republik 45
The interior of Republik 45 is lush with vertical gardens and water features. The main dining area with its vaulted roof and local accents is a welcoming and gracious space for dining. Further in you find the lounge, guarded by antique statuary that marks where the traditional elements of the restaurant transform into a wholly modern space perfect for a pre-dinner drink or one of those spontaneous gatherings that attempts to outlast the night.
The menu is like a history and culture lesson for your tastebuds. It’s a tour of Indonesian and Balinese cuisine – home-style dishes, street foods and traditional selections that have been passed down for generations. Each one is built up from hand-selected local ingredients and careful technique to show off one of the world’s most delicious cuisines in all its glory.
Make a booking at Republik 45: +62 81 916 741 844




The preceding restaurants featured beautiful indoor spaces. Sardine is a marvel of beautiful outdoor space.
Its terrace overlooks verdant rice paddies. These are working rice fields, not just decorations, and are tended daily by local farmers. The paddies are surrounded by bamboo and lily ponds, with tall palms contributing to the shade of the umbrellas. It is a wonderful place to just be, especially at sunrise and sunset.
The food is simple, healthy and designed to suit Bali’s warm climate. The menu is built around organic vegetables and seafood. But each element is special and features a very local touch.
The organic vegetables, herbs and salads all come from Sardine’s own garden in the mountain village of Bedugul.
The seafood is determined by the catch of the day at the nearby fishing village of Jimbaran. An early morning trek to discover what the fishermen have caught overnight sets the menu for the day. A long history with the local fishermen ensures only the very best makes it onto Sardine’s menu.
Make a booking at Sardine: +62 811 397 8111

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