Villalet’s Top 3 Seminyak Yoga Studios

Your body can be in paradise while your mind and spirit are still trapped back at home. Worries, distractions, all those things you came to Bali to leave behind can keep you from being truly here. To centre yourself, to harmonise your mind and your soul with your body in your Seminyak villa, there is nothing more profound or more effective, than yoga.

Seminyak is an enlightened place, so there are three great yoga studios just outside the walls of your villa. They each have their own particular style, so why not try them all? If you don’t want to leave the peace and beauty of your villa, you can request a private, personal session, one-on-one (or with your partner or close friends) with an instructor.

Prana Yoga Room

Prana Yoga


This beautifully designed, air-conditioned space is part of the Prana Spa in Seminyak. The lighting and the architectural details evoke a sense of peace and create the perfect atmosphere for focusing and releasing.
The instructors at Prana Yoga room offer instruction in Sivananda, Superflow Vinyasa and Slow Vinyasa. No appointment is necessary. Simply arrive with your own towel and water and you will be led through a session of harmonising and energising movement.
For booking and enquiries: +62 361 730 840
Prana Yoga Room web site:


Jiwa Bikram Yoga
Jiwa Bikram Yoga
Upon entering the Jiwa Bikram studio you feel like you are entering a dance studio. The white walls and white floorboards glow with the natural light from the windows, and everything is reflected in the full length mirrors. Of course, if you are familiar with Bikram Yoga, the warmth in the room is no surprise. The heat and the setting combine wonderfully to ensure you get the most out of your yoga session.
Each session is 90 minutes. Bikram Yoga is designed to work every part of your body, inside and out as you move through 26 asanas (postures). It is an energetic form of yoga and the studio is heated to 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit), so do bring water.
For bookings and enquiries: +62 821 4604 1795
Jiwa Bikram Yoga web site:


Seminyak Yoga Shala
Seminyak Yoga Shala
The first thing you notice upon entering Seminyak Yoga Shala is the peace and tranquility of the space. They have spent much time, money and effort creating a quiet, almost silent, haven. During your sessions here there will be no external distractions to disrupt your centre or interfere with your active meditation.
The studio specialises in Hatha Vinyasa Flow yoga and Ashtanga Mysore yoga, with classes during the morning and late afternoon. For those interested in other contemplative movement practices, they also hold Qi Gong and Tai Chi sessions twice weekly.
For bookings and enquiries:  +62 361 730 498
Seminyak Yoga Shala web site:

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