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Best Experience from Villalet

Villalet focuses on finding unique and amazing villas and houses in incredible locations so you never end up staying in a bland hotel or resort.

We are an Australian company with offices in Sydney and Bali so you get the benefits of dealing with Australians who understand your needs, as well as the expert local knowledge of our Bali team.

We recognise the increasing desire for travellers to spend their holidays in an environment that gives them more space, more freedom, and a more local experience. Our villas are hand-selected by the Villalet team, and we help recommend the perfect stay for your holiday.

Every villa is different and we understand the expectations of modern travellers for granular detail about all aspects of where they will stay- from the basic details about rooms and beds, photographs and location maps, down to the availability of nanny services, personal chefs and drivers.

Villalet helps you make the right destination and villa choice for your perfect holiday.

And to save you the trouble of visiting dozens of websites, we guarantee the best rates for our Villas. We are also not just a booking service. We have representatives in all our villa locations so we are never more than a phone call away.

With experience in managing leading travel websites in Australia, the Villalet team is totally devoted to making sure your villa experience is as easy and trouble-free as you expect a holiday to be.

We hope you get as much enjoyment staying at our villas, as we have in finding them.

David Anderson
Villalet Founder