Bali Weather March

March is still monsoon season and humid but you’ll find temperatures ease from the peaks of January and February. Bali in March has the same rainfall as the highs of February but the month is longer meaning less rain on a daily basis. It’s also towards the end of monsoon so you may find travelling later in the month means you experience fewer rainy days.


If you want the driest holiday possible to Bali consider booking a villa in the southern peninsula of Bukit which receives less rainfall from October to May rather than the popular southern areas of Legian and Denpasar, Kuta and Seminyak.


Different seasons also cause surf conditions to change. The best surfing in monsoon can be found in: Sanur, Sarangan, Keremas, Nusa Dua and Green Balls although with four to six foot waves they are best suited to experienced surfers. Beginners can still learn safely at other beaches like Seminyak.


Season:  Monsoon

Temperature Average: 27°C    80°F

Maximum:  30°C    86°F

Minimum:  23°C    73°F

Humidity:  80%

Rainfall:  90 – 200 mm/month

Avg sunny period:  7 hours/day

Rainfall Days:  14 days

Chance of Rain:  32%

Chance of cloudy day:  3%

Sea temperature:  28°C    83°F

Best surf beaches:   Sanur, Sarangan, Nusa Dua, Green Balls, Kerema

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