Bali Wedding

Imagine a private, architecturally designed estate set in lush tropical gardens, backing onto a pristine beach at sunset. Guests are witnessing your magical beachside wedding ceremony and then, a few yards back from the beach in the same spectacular location, you hold your reception. And when the rejoicing is over, you, your family and friends can retire to the same luxury villa which includes a magnificent master bedroom honeymoon suite.

From Ceremony, to Reception, to Bed

Many villas in Bali have been specifically designed to create the most glamorous and enchanting setting for a wedding. The opportunity to not only stay in a luxurious Bali villa but also have the wedding ceremony and the reception at the same stunning surrounds can make a Bali villa wedding impossible to beat in terms of style and ease.

Choosing a villa that backs on to a beach or is perched on a stunning cliff top overlooking the ocean is one of the most unforgettable locations for exchanging vows. And with the open-plan design of Balinese-villa architecture and year-round balmy nights, there is always lots of space to cater for the reception in a tropical garden or stylish indoor/outdoor space. Many of the most luxurious Bali villas have kitchens manned by staff who can prepare the wedding feast as well as butlers and bar staff to serve.

Bali Wedding Villa Size and Extra Fees

A Bali villa with five to eight bedrooms contained in one or more buildings in a large compound will usually also have gardens and grounds large enough to accommodate a ceremony and reception with 40 to 100 guests. There are regulations for hosting weddings in Bali and you’ll need to mention your wedding plans when you book the villa. A wedding party will usually be required to book for a minimum of three to five days – depending on the season. The wedding will incur a wedding premium of one to 1.5 times the daily charge. This usually applies even to small ceremonies with few guests as does the ‘Banjar’ fee which is a taxed by the local village authority where your villa is located and is usually US$400-600.

Bali Villas or Resort?

As a wedding location a Bali villa offers all the benefits of a resort or hotel complex with some important advantages. A villa suitable for a wedding is usually four bedrooms or more, often with several different buildings and pavilions and commonly set in thousands of square metres of grounds and landscaped gardens. A wedding villa will have the scale and grandeur of a resort but it can also offer complete privacy since you and your party are the only guests. A villa also offers complete flexibility – there are no set times to conduct ceremonies or receptions in the way that resorts prescribe. And finally, in a villa, you are able to use any wedding suppliers of your choice. There is no obligation to use inhouse catering and only the services promoted by the resort.

Bali Wedding Planner

Villalet staff have helped many couples with villa weddings and are very knowledgeable about bali weddings. You may also consider using a local wedding planner who can secure deals and ensure the smoothest event. Aside from helping to organise all the obvious things like decorations and catering, a wedding planner can also help with the legal process of getting married  in Bali.

Legal marriages

A legally binding marriage according to Indonesian law requires a religious and legal ceremony held on the same day. Couples should plan to arrive two days before the wedding date to complete and lodge registration. A list of paperwork will be needed and includes such items as birth certificates, certificates on non-impediment to marry, divorce or death certificates of ex-spouse if applicable, and letters from the couple’s church if they wish to have a ceremony in a church. It should also be noted that Catholic couples are not permitted to have a ceremony anywhere other than a Catholic church. In other words if the couple declare they are Catholic then they cannot be married on the beach, in a villa or anywhere else but a church. .

Non-legal wedding ceremonies

You may find it easier to be legally married at a registry office in your home country. This will eliminate the need for the paperwork and expense of an Indonesian wedding. It means having a non-binding blessing ceremony in Bali with no involvement of Indonesian authorities. However any celebration in a villa will still incur the Banjar fee.

Bali Beach weddings

All beachfront is public land in Bali which cannot be privately controlled by hotels and villas. This means a wedding ceremony on a popular beach may not feel very private. A beachfront villa in a quieter area of Bali offers the best opportunity  to get married on a beach with fewer spectators or alternatively conduct the ceremony at the beach boundary of a beachfront villa. If you decide to hold your ceremony on the beach then a Banjar fee will be charged in addition to the Banjar for the reception in the villa.

Consulate information for marriages

For Australians getting married in Bali visit the website of the Australian Consulate General in Bali:

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