Best Time to Visit Bali


The best time to visit Bali in terms of weather, cost and crowds is important when you’re planning your great escape. Things to consider are: if you have kids, are flexible with your time and want to save money or don’t care if it rains.


The first consideration for most people is the weather. Bali is a very short 8° or 890km from the equator making its weather typically humid and generally hot and sunny. Proximity to the equator means temperatures are relatively stable through the year, with day time fluctuating between 26°C(79°F) and (32°C (90°F). There is no summer and winter, but instead the seasons are divided into rainy season, also known as monsoon, and the dry season. And because of the humidity it will often feel hotter than the temperature implies. Take note, if you don’t like it sweaty make sure you book Bali accommodation that has air conditioning, especially in the bedrooms.

School Holidays Equals Peak Season

For families the vacation times are limited to school breaks. These also tend to be peak times and therefore more expensive. July and August are therefore usually the busiest period of the peak season with many families visiting Bali in the school break. The other peak time is Christmas and New Year, which is also a family holiday time.

Dry Season versus Wet Season

Being a tropical climate, Bali can have some heavy downpours during monsoon. The dry season is from May to October while wet season is November to April. Even in dry season it may rain during the day but generally won’t last and clears up quickly to return to brilliant sunshine.

Visiting Bali Off Peak

The best non-peak times when you can grab cheaper villa prices and avoid the biggest crowds are at the interseason times like September/October and March/April. The advantage of choosing a non-peak times is less queueing for taxis, less traffic, more availability of sun lounges and popular attractions. The advantage of off-peak times is a drop in humidity, especially at night when it can be difficult to sleep because its steamy. If you are planning to visit Bali to avoid school holiday crowds, keep in mind the dates are different for each state.

Best Time to Visit Bali Quick Summary

Climate: Tropical with high humidity and annual monsoon season
Monsoon: May to October
Low Season Bali: Shoulder season of September/October and March/April
Peak Season Bali: Christmas/New Year, July/August
Highest Humidity: October to April
Lowest Humidity: May to September
Most Crowded: Christmas and New Year

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