Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka doesn’t have a straight forward wet and dry season like most tropical climates. Instead there are several monsoon periods at different parts of the country so it’s best to find out about the potential for rain and where it can fall on the island before you book your Sri Lanka holiday.

Average Temperatures

Being so close to the equator means Sri Lanka has average temperatures that are between 26 and 30 all-year round. That makes it a great escape from winter time anywhere else in the world. However, the downside of being equatorial means humidity is high and can reach 90% in coastal areas.

Yala Monsoon in the South and Southwest

When: May to August

Where: West and south west coast and hills hinterland

The Yala Monsoon blows from May to August in the west and south western half of the country including coastline and hills. This is the main monsoon of the country and involves heavy, but usually short-lived, downpours. And typical of tropical climates, when it rains it offers relief from high temperatures and uncomfortable humidity.

Maha Monsoon in the North and East

When: October to January

Where: North and East

The Maha Monsoon is typically characterised by high temperatures and humidity with short-lived heavy downpours and plenty of sunshine in between.


On top of the Yala and Maha Monsoons there is  also an intermonsoonal period. From October to January it may rain anywhere in the country.

Peak Season in Sri Lanka

Peak tourist season in Sri Lanka is from December to March with the most visitors arriving between Christmas and New Year when you’ll find the prices are highest.

Good Weather in the Shoulder Season

The shoulder season from April to September offers cheaper holiday prices and generally good weather. The months of April and September are the best months if you plan to travel all over the island since they are the driest for the island at large. Prices for accommodation in Sri Lanka can be two to three times cheaper in this season than at peak time of Christmas and January.

Best Area and Time to Visit Sri Lanka

When: December to March/April

Where: West and Southwest

The west and southwest  part of the country is where you’ll find the villas offered by Villalet. It also happens to be the best place to visit for a beach holiday from December to March/April. This is also the ideal time of year to explore the Hill Country where you’ll find tea plantations, elephants, temples and cooler weather.

Villalet has a great range of modern and colonial-style villa accommodation in Sri Lanka like the five-bedroom Trapobane Island villa on Weligama Bay (pictured above).

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