Sri Lanka Beaches Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa Beach, just an hour and a half from Colombo, was developed from the 1970s and is therefore one of the more touristy beaches on Sri Lanka. With so much development at the shoreline, there is some beach and the Galle-Colombo road runs next to the beach so the chaos and pollution from heavy traffic is inescapable. However it does offer plenty of pale sand, clear water and a multitude of activities as well as cafes, restaurants and bars.

Eating Out

There is a large selection of restaurants and cafes in Hikkaduwa and here are a few worthy of a mention:-

No.1 Roti Restaurant (373 Galle Road) offers over 60 varieties of roti and is great for a quick pitstop on your sight seeing.

It’s hard to pass Hotel Moon Beam (548/1 Galle Road) without going inside. This beachside restaurant has a nautical theme and sandy floor with cocktails served as the sun is setting.

Bookworm Library Restaurant is not really a restaurant but a family home where masses of wonderful local curry is served on the roof terrace.

Crab Restaurant at Chaaya Tranz Hotel
For lovers of crab this place is a must and one of the few upscale restaurants in Hikkaduwa but also reasonably priced.

Cool Spot is a Hikkaduwa institution. Painted canary yellow, this roadhouse offers fresh seafood at reasonable prices.

Coral Reef

A marine park, Hikkaduwa National park, is at the north end of the beach and represents efforts to save the coral reef that sits directly off this beach. Coral bleaching, not helped by the 2004 tsunami, has contributed to the degradation of much of the wonderful coral and driven out the tropical fish stocks that lived here. However it’s still worth grabbing a snorkel, mask and flippers (cheap to hire) to observe the marine life in waters that never go below four metres deep. Given the coral is so accessible from shore, you’ll find it’s better to snorkel in the area than join a glass-bottom boat tour. The reef is also a popular diving spot and all manner of gear can be hired from local diving and activity shops.

Tsunami Photo Museum

The 2004 tsunami had a shocking impact on Sri Lanka, killing around 40,000 people. This small museum is a tribute to the lives lost and the upheaval caused to the other 100,000 Sri Lankans who were displaced by the event. Aside from photos, there are also newspaper clippings and personal handwritten accounts. A guide will take you through the display but you’ll find the exhibition is not displayed in the professional way you’d expect in a Western museum. Nevertheless you cannot help but be deeply moved by the tragedy displayed. Entry is by donation but you’ll find it hard to leave without wanting to contribute. The Tsunami museum is at Telwatta, halfway between Ambalangoda and Hikkaduwa.

Golden Creeper Spice & Herbal Garden

Sri Lanka is famous for its Ayurvedic practises so a trip to this garden is wonderful insight into the herbs used in this approach. The garden offers guided tours (don’t be surprised if your guide is a doctor moonlighting from the local hospital) and the chance to buy exquisite natural products the locals swear by.

Seat Turtle Hatchery

A trip to the sea turtle hatchery at Kosgoda is a very hands-on experience. Visitors enjoy a thorough sea turtle education as well as a chance to hold turtles of all sizes and ages from tiny three-day old hatchlings to much larger adult turtles. The guided tour costs about A$5 per person.

Madu Ganga River Boat Trip

Near the small town of Batapitilya you’ll find the Gangabada Asiriya Boat House where you can take a 90-minute tour of the Madu Ganga River. Expect to pay around A$40 for the trip (not per person), although the rate is negotiable. The trip includes a stop at the island temple of Kothduwa and a visit to Cinnamon Island (Mada Dua). The tour will also allow you to observe local wildlife like the giant monitor lizards and bats.

Moonstone Mines

Seven kilometres inland from Hikkaduwa you’ll find Meetiyagoda and the Moonstone Mines. Mining is still carried out in what seems like a rabbit warrens of mines. Visitors can decend into the 10-metre deep pits where moonstones are still found on a daily basis. The shop sells moonstones as well as an array of other semi precious stones like garnets, topaz and tourmaline.

Tuk Tuk Tour

It’s worth taking a tuk tuk tour of the area to catch all of the sites mentioned above in a single day. Prices are negotiable and your villa manager can organise a driver. Expect to pay a daily rate of around A$50.

Villas in Hikkaduwa

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