Things to Do in Bali – Ku De Ta

Like the decisive, disruptive political event its name references, Ku De Ta beachside bar and restaurant has been a game changer for Bali. It ushered in a new era of local drinking and dining chic; one that didn’t so much scream, but flirtatiously whispered, a new sophistication for the Indonesian island.


One of the World’s Best Bars

It’s one thing to walk, swim or surf at the beach. But the Ku De Ta version of the Bali beach is magical. It goes something like this: as the sun sets sip a cocktail in a sunken lounge overlooking endless ocean, with the well-heeled and glamorous all around you, and a panoply of modern cuisine from some of the world’s best chefs at the Ku De Ta kitchen or the adjoining Mejakawi restaurant. No wonder Ku De Ta has been added to the list of the world’s best bars.


Beautiful Bali Sunsets Guaranteed

Ku De Ta took the old concept of beach bars – swigging a few Bintangs on plastic chairs  – to an astronomically higher level. There aren’t many venues in the world where, on stepping over the threshold, you can feel equally relaxed and thrilled. The open-air layout and minimalist lines exploits Bali’s balmy nights. But more uniquely, the design is in perfect harmony with something that a fabricated structure can never match – the view of sun setting over sea.


Changing the Tune of Bali holidays

After opening in 2000 it was quickly compared to the Ibiza hangout Cafe Del Mar. And like the iconic Mediterranean destination, Ku De Ta has become known for its elegant selection of relaxed electronica. In fact, a self-declared ethos of the Ku De Ta management is that “the soundtrack of Ku De Ta is as important as the venue itself”. After a night of immersion in the ambience you may even want to take away a piece of the magic with a CD. Or better still, start to unwind pre trip, by downloading it from iTunes or buying the CD before you travel at your local music store. The latest musical lineup is the sixth volume put together for Ku De Ta by popular DJs Jim Breese of the UK and DJ BTK from the US.


Celebrity Chef Dining

Exquisite tasting dishes from celebrity  chef Will Goldfarb
Dining at Ku De Ta has global influences with many renowned chefs bringing their unique styles to the Ku De Ta kitchen. The food has received international accolades including the wine list receiving an Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator. A new wing of the Ku De Ta complex was opened to accommodate a tasting kitchen and food laboratory. Mejekawi is run by New York celebrity chef Will Goldfarb and serves five- and twelve-course tasting menus with wine-pairing options. Goldfarb originally moved to Bali for a sabbatical to rest after an illness, but convinced the Ku De Ta team to set aside a space for him to serve his kitchen-lab style single dishes. One of his more famous compositions is the pandan-flavoured panna cotta on layers of mung bean crumble, snake-fruit tatin puree and slices of poached nutmeg fruit, with an icy pearlescent disk of sauternes granite sitting on top.
Ku De Ta is open from breakfast at 8am till midnight but the venue’s real enchantment is found PM. To make the most of a your excursion to Ku De Ta make a booking for dinner at 7pm but arrive at 5pm for some leisurely pre-dinner cocktail.
There is no doubt that Ku De Ta started a revolution in Bali – helping to kill the bogan reputation and invite some Mediterranean chic to the island. It now has many imitators but none manage to capture the relaxed mix of style and sophistication quite so seductively.

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