Things to Do in Bali March

Looking for things to do in Bali in March? Here is a list of events, festivals, workshops and other reasons to go to the island this March.



Tumpek Kandang

Mar 7 – throughout the island

This day is dedicated to animals, livestock and pets. Offerings are made to the Hindu God Rudra in temples across Bali.


Bali Live International Jazz Festival

Mar 9 – 15 – various locations

Listen to an array of local and international jazz musicians at locations around the island including Nusa Dua, Seminyak, Jimbaran and Ubud.


Melasti Pilgrimages

Mar 18

Head to the beaches of either Kuta, Sanur or other locations around Bali to find the Melasti processions where pilgrims, accompanied by parasols, banner sand effigies take heirloom possessions to temples for purification. This is a forerunner to Nyepi Day.


Nyepi Day

Mar 21  – entire island

Bali’s Hindu New Year’s day is observed with total silence on the island. That means no traffic, shopping, restaurants and no fire may be lit for 24 hours. Local people will not leave their homes on this day so plan ahead by enjoying the purification of no activity and talking, or taking a trip to another island the day before to miss it altogether. The night before and the days following are full of noise and colourful street activities.


BaliSpirit Festival

Mar 31 – Apr 5 – throughout the island

South China Morning Post calls this one the “top five yoga festivals in the world”, where you’ll find events that celebrate not just yoga but also dance, music and the arts. Throughout the week-long festival there will be more than 100 health and wellness workshops as well evening concerts, healing arts, and eco markets.



Healing Yoga Retreat

Mar 1-7 in Sukawati

Practise yoga with Cat Kabira at the Bali Floating Eco Retreat.


Healing and Spiritual Development Retreat

Mar 1-7 in Ubud

Take a spiritual journey with pranayama, chanting, asana and meditation.


Luscious Lovers Couple Retreat

Mar 2-6 in Ubud

Tantra for the new century with transpersonal sex therapy, relationship coaching and tantric lessons.


Yoga Teacher Training

Mar 2-25 in Ubud

Shades of Yoga 200-hour RYT teaching training.


Psychology of the Chakras

Mar 6-13 in Ubud

Everything Chakra with international expert Dr Anodea Judith.


Surf Goddess Retreat

Mar 6-12 in Sanur

Mar 14-20

Mar 23-29

Learn to surf, practise yoga, eat vego and meditate


Yoga Teacher Training

Mar 7-28 in Mandala

Zuna Yoga 200-hour yoga teacher training.


Yoga Teacher Training

Mar 7 – Apr 30 in Mandala

Zuna Yoga 500-hour yoga teacher training.


Escape the World

Mar 8-13 in Ubud

Yoga, meditation and Balinese discoveries.


Yoga Teacher Training and Deepening

Feb 3-Mar11 in Ubud

Guidance in yoga, chanting


Experience Your Authentic Self

Mar 8-14 in Ubud

Guided meditation and other practical exercises to discover your core self.


Purifying the Self

Mar 15-20 in Ubud

Yoga and meditation and raw food workshops.


Spirit Dance Soulsong Retreat

Mar 18-26 in Ubud and Mimpi

Dancing with the Nyepi events.


Hypnotherapy and Yoga Teacher Training

Mar 21- Apr 17 at Candida Beach near Ubud

Yoga teacher training for 200 hours as well as certified hypnotherapy training


Mindfulness Meditation

Mar 21-28 in Lombok

Connect with your true nature through yoga and meditation.


Escape the World

Mar 22-27 in Ubud

Yoga, meditation and Balinese discoveries


Perfect Beginner Surfer

Mar 23-29 in Seminyak

Yoga and surfing for beginners and solo travellers


Kura Kura Yoga Retreat

Mar 23-30 at Seseh Beach near Echo Beach

Prana Flow Yoga


Recalibrate and Transformation

Mar 26-29 in Nusa Dua

Seminars and live channeling with Lee Carroll.


Success Coaching and Wellness

Mar 27 – Apr  in Seminyak

Personal development workshops with yoga, meditation, fitness, private coaching.


Developing Your Yoga Practise

Mar 28 – Apr 3 in Ubud

Yoga, spa treatments and nature experiences.


Yoga and Cultural Retreat

Mar 28 – Apr 6 in Ubud

Yoga, relaxation, market tour and cooking class, jewellery making.!yoga-bali-culture-retreat/c14ig


Yoga Teacher Training

Mar 29 – May 1 in Ubud

YogaWorks teacher training with Alicia Cheung.


Yoga Teacher Training

Mar 30 – Apr 22  in Ubud

Shades of Yoga 200-hour RYT teaching training.

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