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Villalet Guarantee

We want you to have the most relaxing break possible. And that means making sure we’re there to help should there be any problems with your booking.

Best Price Guarantee

Villalet guarantees the best rate for the Villas in our Portfolio. If you reserve a Villa through Villalet and then show us that you could book the same villa for the same dates at a lower rate that is viewable and bookable on another website within 48 hours of making your reservation, we will either match that rate, or beat it.

Rental Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Villalet ensures that each villa in its portfolio is professionally managed. Our checks include:

  • Validation of the property manager’s details;
  • Review of property listing for quality of images, description and features detailed.

The following Terms and Conditions are required to be met to qualify for protection under our Rental Guarantee.

  • Rental Guarantee Coverage

    • 1.1.

      We guarantee the property is Legitimate. If the property is not Legitimate in that it does not exist or you are intentionally and wrongfully denied access; we will offer the next best accommodation alternative or refund your money in full if you do not stay at another Villalet property.

  • If the property is not Materially as Presented online.

    (Materially Presented includes only: Parking, Pool, Air-conditioning, Bedroom numbers, and Number of Occupants able to be accommodated):

    • 2.1.

      Villalet will assist you to rectify the Material Issue with the property manager after you have first attempted to directly resolve the matter with the property manager.

    • 2.2.

      If you prefer to continue to stay in the property we will rebate a maximum of 10% of the rental rate, up to the lesser of:

      • Your direct accommodation loss in booking that property or
      • A maximum A$2000, for the booked period in that property for the time that the Material Issue remains unresolved or if a substitute service is not provided by the Property Manager.
  • Qualifying for the Rental Guarantee and Claim Process

    • 3.1.

      The property must be publically listed on and you must have made payment for accommodation through the Villalet website.

    • 3.2.

      You must notify the property manager of the material issue on the day of arrival, and notify Villalet within 48 hours of arrival by email

    • 3.3.

      You must lodge a Rental Guarantee Claim form with Villalet in writing within the specified timeframe with Supporting Documentation (including: your booking confirmation, all emails and a log of other communication such as telephone calls with the property manager).

    • 3.4.

      The Rental Guarantee is not transferable and we will require Photo Identification and a Statutory Declaration that you made payment and suffered the direct financial loss.

    • 3.5.

      We will process your Claim within 30 days of receiving your Claim and full documentation.

    • 3.6.

      Villalet processes all rebates in Australian dollars and returned to the original credit card of the original payee.

  • Rental Guarantee Exclusions:

    In our absolute discretion, we will deem your Claim to be invalid if:

    • 4.1.

      you did not actually incur a financial loss in paying for accommodation at that property or if your insurance or a consumer protection program covers your loss.

    • 4.2.

      we receive notification of your pending Claim more than 48 hours after Arrival or we had notified you prior to you making the accommodation payment that the property was not Materially Presented;

    • 4.3.

      you breach the booking terms and conditions, policy or payment requirements of the property manager or Villalet eg. excess guests, late payment

    • 4.4.

      you do not provide the Supporting Documentation and requested information within a timely manner so that we can assess and process your Claim;

    • We expressly exclude:

    • 4.5.

      Any Claim related to Bonds, or charges levied by the property including mini-bar, excess guests or other charges paid directly to the accommodation, or where you dispute with the property manager about whether a refund is due as such disputes must be resolved directly with the property manager;

    • 4.6.

      Any other costs or loss you may incur including airfares, travel costs or currency variations;

    • 4.7.

      Cleanliness – if you are not satisfied with the cleanliness of a property upon your Arrival, you must contact the Property Manager immediately to arrange a re-clean. Villalet will make no payment based on cleanliness or state of repair.

    • 4.8.

      Rental Regret – we will not make any payment based on your regret at selecting the property because of its location, quality of fittings or furnishings, noise, privacy, size, extent of view or ambience, unsuitability or any other aspect based on subjective assessment or opinion.

    • 4.9.

      Substitutes – we will not make any payment where the property manager offers to move you to another property or offers you an alternative property which you decline.

    • 4.10.

      A Claim for any person or party related to the property manager or owner;

  • Villalet reserves its right to modify or discontinue the Rental Guarantee:

    without prior notice and with no liability to you.

  • A Rental Guarantee clause is void only if that specific clause is restricted or prohibited by law